Jared Ning

Email [email protected]
Twitter @redningja
Github ordinaryzelig
Gems rubygems.org/profiles/ningja
Résumé Ning_Jared_resume.pdf

Quality Work

I will tackle any Ruby tasks that you need. I can write anything from small Ruby scripts to full-blown Web applications.

I'm very friendly, easy to talk to, and easy to work with. Whether you are technical or not, I talk in plain English with no jargon so that you know exactly what's going on and how things work. I don't just work FOR you, but WITH you.

My code is clean, readable, and regularly refactored. TESTING IS A HIGH PRIORITY IN MY WORK, NOT AN AFTERTHOUGHT.


Efficient and Easy for You

For web applications, I use Heroku, a service that allows me to quickly give you a product in a working state so you can immediately interact with it. No work needed on your end. I just give you a web address, and you see results in seconds.


I regularly follow Ruby news and attend conferences, so you can be confident that I am keeping up.


I can work any day of the week at any reasonable hour of the day. I've had clients across the globe and have had no problems making myself available at a time that is convenient for them. I respond to emails quickly and give plenty of warning if I will not be available.

"Why should I hire you when I can hire multiple developers for the same price?"

Developers that are cheaper are often less experienced and less skilled. They might spend hours on the wrong solution to a problem. That means they could spend more time trying to make it work and more time trying to fix it. But a good developer will make better decisions, produce higher quality code, and can get the job done better and faster. With a good developer, you may very well spend less time and money and get a better product.

Why Testing Matters

There is no such thing as bug-free code. If you were an online bank, how confident are you that every transaction is working like it is designed to? Can you afford to have a bug? With automated tests, you have code that helps ensure your application is working as expected. Most good programmers nowadays are thoroughly testing their code. It helps with development, and it helps when things go wrong like many things eventually do. Tests will also help you make sure that fixing a bug here won't cause another bug way over there. Not having automated tests makes development SEVERAL TIMES slower, costing more money and more headache.