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a rebellious hug for education


i recently learned that a new trend is starting in schools: banning hugs. the principal who seems to be the most credited for this is dr. victoria sharts, which is appropriate, because this is a fucking piece of shit.

her rationale: people (esp. girls) that hug each other clog hallways. another principal had an even better excuse: “would you want your children to be hugging or kissing at school without your knowledge?” at least he was more straightforward about it.

here’s one article.

and it’s not just hugs. high fives? all physical contact? those are just casualties, distractions, and justifications for banning hugs. what is it REALLY they’re trying to accomplish? whatever it is, it ain’t keeping prom dresses on. if anything, it’s going to make them rip off as soon as the principal is out of sight.

i don’t have a solution. but don’t insult people’s intelligence feeding them shit about clogging hallways and scaring parents into thinking that there’s hugging going on at school without their knowledge like it’s drugs.

why do these people think that simply imposing rules is a replacement for real education? it’s a common behavior: when you take something away from a someone and they don’t buy into the reason, they rebel, esp. kids in middle school and high school. you’re not doing a good job of teaching. and don’t give me that “when you get older, you’ll understand” crap. all that is is a failure to communicate. there are no shortcuts in education. either you educate or you don’t. and enforcing an unsupported attempt at education can and often does have adverse effects. you know who follows unsupported rules without questioning them? mindless drones. robots. fascists. yes, they’re kids, but don’t pretend they have the comprehension skills of babies. relate to them. people respond better when you are able to convince them that you genuinely care and can empathize.

and these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations. they’re quite aware of what they’re going through… — david bowie from the breakfast club.