Jared Ning

The Wei of the Ningja

How NYC does Catan


This is why I love traveling. You find wonderful new things. While in New York City, I looked for a Settlers of Catan meetup. I went and saw some really clever little ideas that cater to a more pleasant Catan experience. Who doesn't need a more pleasant Catan experience?

This plastic box has dividers which are good for organizing the cards. It takes up less space on the table and it keeps the cards a little tidier too.


Remember those old, pastic film capsules? They're the ideal size to store Catan number tokens. Not only that, if you're anal about keeping them in order, they won't move around in here.


And best of all, the dice box. No more fumbling with loose dice. No more dice falling off the floor. No more accidental destruction of roads by renegade dice. Just pick it up, shake it, and lay it on the table. A clean, legit roll, every time.