Jared Ning

The Wei of the Ningja

March Madness 2011


SKIP IT. JUST TAKE ME TO THE BRACKETS. (password: madness)


Hi everyone. It's time for March Madness again!

Selection Sunday is this Sunday, March 13, and the tournament starts the following Thursday, March 17.

There is a NEW SCORING SYSTEM this year:

(The lame "first four" is not counted)

So if you correctly pick a 1 seed to win in the 1st round, you get 2 points. If an 11 seed wins in the 4th round, you get 19 points. This should keep more people in the running to win deeper into the tournament.

Entry fee is the same: $10/person. 1 bracket per person. Anybody can play. Prize structure will be announced when the tournament starts.

I'll be using CBS again. Click here. The password is: madness. You can fill out/change your bracket until CBS locks the brackets Thursday when the games start.

See you at the big dance! Bring your friends!