Jared Ning

The Wei of the Ningja

Ouch-less finger band-aid


I don't like putting band-aids on my fingers when it sticks to a nail. I don't like the feeling of the sticky parts tugging on my fingernail when taking the band-aid off. Here's an easy way to avoid sticking the band-aid to your fingernail, and you don't need anything more than what comes with a regular band-aid.

Doing this yourself can be a little tricky (especially when you're filming at the same time). If you find it too difficult, ask someone to help you.

Bonus pro tip: Put the band-aid on as far down your finger as possible while still covering your wound. Your goal is to try to expose as much of your fingertip as possible. The more fingertip you have uncovered, the easier it will be to type on the computer, phone, etc.