Jared Ning

The Wei of the Ningja

Scam or ridiculous sign from g-d? Let's find out.


For several months now, I’ve been getting a call from an unidentified number in Louisianna. I’ve ignored it until now. They called me 15 minutes ago, and I decided to find out who it was. It sure sounded like a salesman. But he had all this information on me that I filled out at the Paseo Arts District. You know, one of those “sign up for a free cruise and $50,000”. Apparently it worked. The dude told me I’m one of 250 finalists for $50,000, and I’ve already won an all expenses paid cruise to the bahamas. Score! Oh, and it gives me entries to the lottery too. Not too shabby.

All I have to do is go to one of their offices on Northwest Expressway and listen to them for about 30 minutes about their travel agency. Pretty sure I can handle that. Let’s just hope this isn’t some matchstick men scheme. But it sure sounds worth it.

All this, after I spent a long time surfing at http://www.airbnb.com/top40. And they’re even hiring a Rails developer. Might be a sign. Or a scam. We’ll find out.