Jared Ning

The Wei of the Ningja

The plan: then and now.


I’ve been planning to move to New York for quite a while. I had it all planned out:

  1. Quit job
  2. Go to Africa
  3. Go to San Diego, Hawaii, Beijing, and Shanghai
  4. Move to New York
  5. Find a job
  6. Live happily ever after

At the time of writing this paragraph, I’m in between steps 2 and 3. Nothing after my next trip is set in stone. Every now and then I have feelings of fear and failure that make me think twice about my plan. Some days I feel like backing out, other times I feel like leaving immediately. And sometimes I feel like making a whole new plan.

My emotions tend to change a lot. After the crazy year I’ve had, I’ve learned to be aware of my emotions when I make decisions, especially big ones. I need to think about my plan as objectively as I can. So I’m starting a log. A log in a blog.

Over the next few weeks or so, every time I have an emotion that sways me one way or another about the decisions I’m about to make, I’m going to write it down. I’m not going to publish it until later — however long it takes me to take the last step. I’ll be able to easily read each entry in one sitting and literarily (yes, that’s a word, and a very tough one to pronounce, I might add) “graph” my thoughts. Hopefully I will learn something useful about myself and with any luck, make a good decision about how I’m going to start my life in my 30s. So here it goes.


Well, here I am with almost nothing in front of me but open road. Throwing the holidays into the mix has made the decision making process that much trickier. As anxious as I am to move to NY and “settle down” (i.e. have my own place to live where I can enjoy my gorgeous TV), as of now, I have no plans to go back to NY. Well, that’s not true. Stephanie and I are thinking of going to NY over christmas/new year’s, but just for vacation. And I’m contemplating going to stay with my sister in San Diego for a while after that. Free rent, spend time with Cecelia and the rest of the family, and I can still work at the same time.

I don’t have a lot of things tying me down. I really want to try to sustain this lifestyle. So here’s my new plan:

  1. Quit job (done)
  2. Go to Africa (done)
  3. Go to San Diego, Hawaii, Beijing, and Shanghai (done)
  4. Vacation to NY and San Diego
  5. Go to Tulsa for March Madness
  6. Freelance in Paris (and the rest of Europe???)

We’ll see what happens. Whatever happens, it will be a fun ride.