Jared Ning


Martha's Vineyard


“The Vineyard” is a small island off the coast of Boston, and it’s jam packed with American small town charm. We flew from NYC to MV and spent 2 relaxing days there.

The highlight of MV is the trademark “gingerbread houses”. Twice, we walked around town just trying to find these gems sprinkled around town. This place is like god’s pesronal box of salt water taffy.

Gingerbread Houses Gingerbread Houses Pequot Hotel

We also had some very good food while here. Almost every restaurant is a mom & pop specialty restaurant. Of course we had bowl after bowl of clam chowder. Some homemade ice cream including a taste of ice cream with chunks of lobster (as bad as it sounds). A late-night donut served out of the back door of a restaurant. And maybe the best scallop dish we’ve ever tasted.

We took the ferry and a bus on to Boston.