Jared Ning


africa week 6, part 1: lushoto


let the travelling begin! we’re doing back to back to back to back trips. I’m really excited. this is the biggest difference from my last trip. all I did last year was safari, but this time we’re squashing the travel bug pretty hard.

11 July

today we woke up early to catch a bus to a place called lushoto. it’s in the usambara mountains.

after 6 hours of road travel, as soon as we stepped out of the car at our lodge, it felt blissful. it was quiet and lots of fresh air. there are many lodges here, but they’re very spread apart, so each one feels very secluded. also, our room is a little hut-like building that isn’t connected to any others. this is the first time since Amsterdam where we will not be sleeping under mosquito nets.we did a short hike today. along the way, a boy decided he was going to be our guide. we had a booklet provided by the lodge that is pretty descriptive, but still, there are very few signs. all the markers are trees, bridges, and paths. neither stephanie or I are very good trackers, so our unofficial guide turned out to be pretty useful.

12 July

woke up well rested. despite how cold the weather was, we were very warm and comfortable in our bed. this may be the first time since Zanzibar that I slept all through the night. no chickens, parties, or sermons. just soothing silence.

we went to irente viewpoint where you can see out really far into the plains. it’s at the edge of a cliff where there are absolutely no safety features. it made my stomach turn standing there. not much else to say that pictures and video can’t say better.

13 July

woke up early to catch bus to moshi. mornings are so nice here, and even better up in the mountains. arrived home, and aost immediately had to repack for another trip. only need to do that 3 more times.