Jared Ning




Bruges is the most well-preserved medieval town in Belgium. It's a small town, and a very touristy town. Admittedly, I only know about this town because of a recent movie with Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleason, and Ralph fiennes called "In Bruges". It's now my favorite movie about tourism where the tourists are assassins.

Once again I find myself having fun just because I'm in the same place as scenes in a movie. it is a charming town, but the tourism is rampant now. Lots of annoying shops and tourist prices everywhere. Not as genuine as in the movie. I think a few years earlier I would've experienced a purer town as it was in the movie.




From watching the move, which is only a few years old, I can tell that the town has grown a lot since then. There have been many modern improvements and a lot more tourists. However, it remains an obscure town that even other Europeans I spoke to hadn't heard of before.

But it was still fun. There are a lot of medieval structures, mostly churches, that are very pretty. The canals add a lot to the charm as well.



Bruges was also the best food stop I've had so far. One dinner I had was exceptional. I'll skip to the good part: dessert. The menu just said chocolate tart,  but this is what I got. She even said "oh, good choice". You know if you are genuinely complimented by the waitress on your selection, it has to be good.


I had something I never had before. The little green leaves that trap the small fruit in the middle is called l'amour en cage "love in a cage" (kind of hard to see in the dessert but it's the thing at the top). It tasted like a cross between a berry and a tomato. But it's so pretty, isn't it?

I stayed at a bed and breakfast solely for the promise of a fancy breakfast. It did not disappoint. Actually, I honestly can't remember having such good breakfasts. The taste was very good, but the presentation was just beautiful. She has a very keen attention to detail. I mean, look at the butter. I don't even know how she did that. Not only that, it was at a perfectly spreadable temperature too. Just delicious. This is what she served:





Tomorrow, Paris.