Jared Ning


china chronicles: hospital episode


i wake up at about 1230am with a pain on my right side.  i thought it was just a cramp or something but it got worse.  it started hurting pretty bad so i got up and tried to walk it off.  it wouldn’t go away so i woke up Liang, my host mom and we go to the hospital.  not a happy sight.  i saw a doctor after waiting a while.  she said to get a urine sample, so i did.  they analyzed it and found some stuff that shouldn’t be in there.  apparently it’s like kidney stones.  when you get a whole bunch of it and they come together, they become kidney stones.  i also had to give a blood sample.  they just pricked my finger like they do when you donate blood.  another doctor examined me and said i needed to drink lots of water and come back the next day.  before i left, i had to get a shot in the backside.  earlier that day i got my second hepatitis b shot.  so if you add that with the finger prick, this would make three shots in one day.

i went home and went back to sleep.  woke up early the next morning and went back the next morning to do an ultrasound.  they said that i had to drink a lot of water to expand my bladder and stuff to see clearly.  i drank 1.25 L of sprite.  they didn’t find anything.  after waking up i felt better anyway. but i did have a headache from not sleeping well.  hopefully after a goodnight’s sleep i’ll feel all better tomorrow.