Jared Ning


Grinds my Gears: Foreign Transaction Fees


Today, I saw my credit card statement and noticed a foreign transaction fee of almost $60. Bugger! I didn't think I had made any foreign transactions yet. Turns out, it was for the Eurail pass, which cost almost $2,000. It's sneaky considering I paid in US dollars, but still a mistake on my part. I plan on pulling a "Cancel my credit card because I don't like foreign transaction fees" maneuver to see if they will waive the fee to keep me as a customer. It's a card I'm not attached to if I end up having to cancel it. I've already received my 50K miles bonus. But still. Rookie mistake. From now on, I'll try to be more careful and use my Capital One card that doesn't have FTFs. BUGGER!

Update: /travel/foreign-transaction-fee-waived