Jared Ning


Kranky in Kortrijk


Anybody know where Kortrijk is? Yeah, me neither. But I was stuck there anyway. There was an error with booking. The train that I took from Bruges to Paris stopped and changed in Lille. However, my train from Bruges no longer goes straight through to Lille on Saturday, information nobody bothered to convey to Deutch Bahn, the company that booked my trip and probably the biggest train company in europe. Fortunately, there was another train to Lille an hour later. A brief talk with a rude, non-English-speaking ticket agent later, I was on that train heading towards the station that my original train had no doubt already departed. And fortunately again, I caught the next train to Paris.

On the bright side, this makes it that much more obvious how bad the communication is between all the different train stations in Europe. And that is exactly what the company I work for is trying to fix. It's like I'm doing field research. I'm riding the actual train companies I'm writing programs for.

Back on track to Paris.