Jared Ning




My 2nd stop in Switzerland was Lucerne. It didn't start off well because the weather was a bit cold and rainy. If it's cloudy, it can really ruin your trip up to the mountains of the Alps, my top priority in Switzerland. As soon as I stepped out in Lucerne, I could tell it was going to allow me to do what I came to do.


The first day I spent walking around Old Town. Not quite as dense with unaffordable stores, but still lots of shopping. However, they have a unique site that I really liked: the monument of the dying lion. Mark Twain (my travel hero) called it "the most mournful and moving piece of stone in the world".



The next day, the weather cleared up a bit. So I decided to go to the mountains. I took the train up most of the way to Mt. Rigi, and then hiked about two hours to the peak. This is what I came to see in Switzerland.

On the advice of my host, I took the scenic route to Berne, my next destination. I passed through the Alps along tiny towns surrounded by grass-covered hills and crystal clear lakes.. The train rides in Switzerland have been the most beautiful in Europe.