Jared Ning




I'm back in Spain for a couple days. It seems like the top things to do are 3 art museums. I spent the majority of my 2 days walking through these art museums. I spent more than 6 hours at the Thyssen, more than 4 hours at the Prado, and 3 hours at the Sofia. After visiting all 3, I think they make Madrid a contender for a world-class destination for art. It is afterall, the home country of Picasso who is easily one of my favorite artists.


Not surprisingly, my visit was not without some form of political friction. Many places around Europe organized a coordinated protest. I heard them count down the beginning of a march at midnight from where I was staying. The next day, on my way to one of the museums, I suddenly found myself walking shoulder to shoulder with protesters. At one point I walked in front of a camera. I hope the world now knows that Oklahoma tourists in Madrid won't stand for the greed of the 1%.

Spain is not in a good place right now. 1 out of 4 people are unemployed. Many of my hosts on my trip including both in Spain have had trouble finding work They even make economic crisis voodoo dolls.


It's the little things that help us through the day. That's why they have churros and chocolate.