Jared Ning


The Fellowship of the Ring of Fire Part 4: Milford Sound Cruise


While we didn't get to hike Milford track, we did get to take a cruise along Milford Sound. It is only a few hundred kilometers away from Queenstown, but there's a mountain range in between that we have to circumnavigate, making it a 4 hour bus ride. But we stopped a few times along the way at some scenic spots.

Milford Sound is like a river but with mountains on the sides. It was a bit rainy that day which made visibility on the sound a bit hazy, but on the bright side, we got to see wonderful waterfalls. Some were so small they just looked like the mountain was leaking. Others were tall, slender curtains of slow, misty water. And the water in the sound is a crystal clear green. At times it seemed like liquid glass.