Jared Ning


Grand Canyon


It’s hard to capture the Grand Canyon with a camera. The experience is even more difficult to capture.


I would’ve liked to have hiked to the bottom, but there just wasn’t enough time. Stephanie and I did hike part of the way down Bright Angel Trail, and it was pretty difficult. It was fairly hot, and it gets hotter the further down you go. We passed a couple that had hiked from the other side of the canyon. It took them 4 days, and this was even one of the shortest ways across to the other side.


The view from as far down as we got:

The highlight for me was the mule ride along the rim. My mule’s name was Junkie. I could tell he was a bit stubborn, but we got along great. As the ride went on, I could control him with much less effort on my part. And I figured out that he responded more to kicking than the whip. By the way, if you ever want to see an amazing documentary about how horses mirror the rider, watch Buck.





Next and final stop: Phoenix